The Ultimate Shower Chair

The Ultimate Shower Chair
Getting into the bathtub can be an overwhelming task when you have a physical challenge, but a revolutionary new chair from Assistive Innovation takes the anxiety out of bathing. The Ultimate Shower Chair slides you gently and safely from the outside of the tub to the inside, putting your mind at ease so you can enjoy your shower.

What Makes The Ultimate Shower Chair so wonderful?
-The unique chair slides easily from outside to inside of the tub
-Lightweight and compact
-Stable and sturdy construction
-Fits well into small bathrooms
-Easy installation and removal
-Reduces risk of injury
-Affordable cost
Browse through our Web site to find out more about the Ultimate Shower Chair. Our FACTS page will fill you in on this incredible chair’s unique features. poker99

Find out how designer Gary Brinkmann came up with the idea by visiting About the Ultimate Shower Chair. To order a chair for yourself or your family member, check out the details at the Ordering and Prices page. If you still have more questions, send us a message at Assistive Innovation Inc. poker 99

About The Ultimate Shower chair
Assistive Innovation designer Gary Brinkmann was inspired to develop The Ultimate Shower Chair by his wife, Connie, who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for several years. As Connie’s MS progressed, she was experiencing greater fears of getting injured in the bathtub. She was uneasy about being transferred across an unsecured bench over the side of the tub onto a standard bath chair. Although Connie is petite, it was an awkward transfer for both care provider and client. idn poker

“It was unstable and uncomfortable,” says Connie. “It was scary for me and I didn’t feel very safe.”

The Brinkmanns were urged to consider a special lift device to reduce the risk of injury to either Connie or her care providers. The contraption being recommended is slipped and secured underneath the client; it then lifts her in the air and swings her to the intended location. idn poker 88

“It’s got to be the most demeaning thing you can imagine,” says Connie, shaking her head. “There goes your self-respect – you’re hanging there like a bag of potatoes in this sling.” idn poker88

Her husband didn’t like the idea either.

“I said, ‘that’s not going to happen to you’,” Gary recalls. “So that’s when I developed this bath-tub chair. I wanted to design something that was safe, and gives Connie her dignity too.”

Gary said the occupational therapists encouraged him and they love the chair as much as Connie does.

The Ultimate Shower Chair works so well for his wife, Gary wants to share this exciting new product with others. Order one of these fantastic chairs and you’ll be glad you made such a positive addition to your home. Go right to our Ordering and Prices page now and give yourself the gift of a whole new bathing experience.

Getting the Scoop on The Ultimate Shower Chair by Assistive Innovation
-No other chair effectively combines all the features of the Ultimate Shower Chair at the same reasonable price.
-Several years of research, design, building, testing and modification have gone into the development of the Ultimate Shower Chair. All chairs have been created with painstaking precision using skilled workmanship and the best available materials.
-Designer Gary Brinkmann has built a premium product while keeping affordability in mind. Other similar products of this calibre currently on the market cost close to twice as much.
-The Ultimate Shower Chair adapts to most bathtubs: between 14″-19.5″ high and up to 34″ wide with a minimum 2″ ledge on the far side.
-The chair height remains at a constant height of 21″, regardless of the bathtub height.
-The Ultimate Shower Chair is easy to insert, however upon the initial installation, the far side resting legs should be levelled by adding or removing spacers to adjust to height of bathtub ledge.
-The chair comes equipped with a pan that can be handily attached underneath in order to use the seat as a commode, eliminating the need for another transfer.
-The Ultimate Shower Chair is built to last, constructed using heavy aluminum tubing for its sturdy, non-corrosive, and lightweight qualities along with plastic “Delrin”, known for its strength and durability.
-The chair has been tested to support up to 250 lbs.
-The Ultimate Shower Chair was designed to rest on the ledge on the inside of the bathtub and on the floor outside the bathtub with the base wedged and locked into position. This provides a solid, reliable foundation without slippage.
-Hand operated wheel brakes provide stability during transfers.
-No holes need to be drilled, nor the tub or walls damaged, to install the Ultimate Shower Chair.
-At a weight of 32 lbs., the unit is light and easy to take out of the tub for other bathers who don’t require an assistive chair. It can also be removed in two parts – the seat/carriage at 20 lbs. and the base at 12 lbs.
-The Ultimate Shower Chair prevents injuries to clients and care providers because care providers don’t need to step into a potentially slippery bathtub to transfer a client.
-The chair reduces distress caused by fear of injury to clients.
-Customization work is available at an extra cost to adapt The Ultimate Shower Chair to bathtubs with other than the given specific bathtub dimensions. (Please supply dimensions for quotation)

About the Designer of The Ultimate Shower Chair
Gary Brinkmann
Designer of the Ultimate Shower Chair and President of Assistive Innovation
Whether entrepreneur Gary Brinkmann is building an assistive bath chair or a set of custom-made golf clubs, he tackles every project with the same intensity and attention to detail. These are qualities that have served him well in his design work and throughout his distinguished business career.

Born in Berlin, Germany in 1938, Gary began his working career as an instrument mechanic, apprenticing at a vending machine manufacturing company in Berlin, where he finished with honours.

Gary left his job designing vending machines to pursue a new business career in Canada in 1959. He learned the ropes of the scale business working for the Toledo Scale Company for five years in Calgary before going on to operate his own scale business.

In 1968, Gary was attracted by the challenge of managing a large egg and poultry wholesale operation when he took on the role of Director and General Manager of Foothills Produce Ltd.

Gary’s design talents came in handy for the Foothills operation where he re-designed the company’s egg grading weighing mechanism to make it more accurate. This sped up production and doubled the plant’s capacity.

In 1987, Gary moved to Ottawa to take on a job as Manager of Market Operations for the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency (CEMA). Now retired from full-time employment with CEMA, he contributes his wealth of experience on specialized projects as a consultant. idnpoker

Designing, developing and producing things with his own hands remains Gary’s greatest passion. He spends long hours in his workshop on a variety of projects, including his part-time business producing elite hand-made custom golf clubs.

Gary’s comfortable suburban Ottawa home is a showcase to the quality precision work he does. Completely renovated for wheelchair accessibility to accommodate his wife Connie, Gary superior craftsmanship went into everything from the front door ramp, to the wide doorways, to the convenient placement of cupboards and kitchen appliances. Gary also wired the entire home for sound with speakers strategically placed outside the front door, by the swimming pool, inside the games room (with a surround-sound effect) and the downstairs bathroom (so Gary won’t miss his daily news while he has his morning shower). The swimming pool is equipped with a fountain, which Gary developed utilising the return water from the circulating pump. The Brinkmann’s family dog even has her own special remote controlled doggy door.

An other project by Gary Brinkmann is the design and construction of a 1500 square foot “A” frame cottage close to Calgary near the Bow River. The open concept design featured a spiral staircase that curved up from the main floor to the two-bedroom loft above. Attractive golden red slate was used as a decorative element, adorning the face of the fireplace, and even embedded in a large coffee table in the main living area. The result was a comfortable and cosy atmosphere that people found tremendously appealing. The cottage sold the same day it was put up for sale.

What motivates him?

“I like the satisfaction of facing and resolving different challenges at all times,” Gary says.

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The Ultimate Shower Chair